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Ready to Hang Pre Spiced Beef Biltong in Vacuum Sleeve

Ready to Hang Pre Spiced Beef Biltong in Vacuum Sleeve

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Pre Spiced & Ready to Hang

And now, for those who have their own drying box or dehydrating contraption, we have the answer for you. Save yourself the time and effort in looking for that perfect cut of beef, cutting and marinading it, which all takes time, why not get what you want how you want it delivered to your door and just hang it up to dry. A few days and “Voila” your favourite snack is ready. This is the most economical way of getting your FIX as it can literally cost you less than 25 bucks per Kg for your biltong depending on how wet you like it. 
We also do the perfect cut in an un-spiced version so that you can let your creative juices flow freely as you spice your own piece of happiness. Just spice it up with your own concoction, slip it back into the sleeve, seal the end and hang when you are happy it’s done. You’re the BOSS!

WARNING.. As hard as it may be, try not indulge before the right time!! 

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