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Plain Original Biltong

Plain Original Biltong

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Plain Orginal Biltong

Our Biltong is made from locally sourced beef and totally sustainable sources. The main cuts we use are the Silversides and the Rump, the latter creating an ultra tender and delicious product that is difficult to beat.

Our Biltong making experience spans over 35 years with origins in Zimbabwe where we believe Biltong making was perfected. Our flavours are minimised to only two main flavours being Plain Original and our favourite Garlic Chilli. Using a blend of natural spices and lovingly marinaded, we guarantee that our Biltong will be enjoyed by all and is already doing just that so we are completely confident in our claims. We also believe that too many flavours deviate from the original taste of what Biltong should be like so we leave out the over the top flavours and concentrate on bringing out the true beef flavour we remember growing up. This means that our Biltong has far less chemical flavour enhancers than most, making our Biltong that much more healthy and satisfying. 

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