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Boerewors (Farm Sausage)

Boerewors (Farm Sausage)

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With NO chemical flavour enhancers (MSG), NO Preservatives and Only natural herbs and spices, our Boerewors is made with carefully minced beef and lamb with a little dry cured nitrate and nitrite free in house smoked bacon blended to give a lively juicy slightly tangy flavour that really comes alive when cooked on the braai. A real treat when served with caramelised onions on a long dog roll with a touch of chilli sauce, mustard or your favourite chutney.  Bring it on Bru!!

Ingredients; Minced beef, lamb and dry cured, nitrate and nitrite free smoked pork bacon, salt, black pepper, garlic, corriander, nutmeg, cloves and balsamic vinegar. 
Please Note; Boerewors comes individually vac packed in 500g packs. 

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